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The Irish Group Analytic Society is the professional body for Group Analysts in Ireland and a member of the psychoanalytic section of The Irish Council of Psychotherapy.

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Contact Info

Dublin 3

Phone: (086)8049789
Mobile: (086)8049789

Work Specialities

  • Weekly Therapy Group
  • Support Groups
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Grief, Bereavement and Loss
  • Role Consultation
  • Organisational Development and Consultancy

Grace, Corina Dr.

Professional Memberships: PSI, CIPD, AC (pending), IGAS.

Qualifications: BA (Psych); MA (Org. Psych); Dip Stats; PhD; MSc (Group Analytic Psychotherapy); Reg Psych PSI (pending)

Background Information

Corina has practised as an organisational psychologist for the past 20 years and has just completed her MSc in Group Analytic Psychotherapy. As part of this programme, she ran an adult analytic group for two years in St Vincent's Hospital in Fairview and has recently completed her thesis entitled "Endings and Loss in Mergers and Acquisitions: An Exploration of Group Analytic Theory".
Corina's depth of business and leadership experience inform her consulting practice, be that with individuals or groups. She typically works in the areas of strategic and transformational change as well as designing consulting interventions to suit individuals and their needs. Corina provides a unique combination of challenge and support when working with her clients and uses a range of tools and techniques to help clients realise their own strengths, become aware of - and overcome - blind spots. She is focused on helping her clients create outcomes that result in authentic, sustainable and visible change.
Corina is qualified by the British Psychological Society to administer and analyse psychometric instruments and is a licensed user of William Bridges Change Material and BarON EQ-I instrument, as well as an accredited trainer. 

Group Information

Name/Nature of Group Day Start Time End Time
Group 1 Training Tuesday 2.30pm 4.00pm
Location: Psychotherapy Service Centre, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Drumcondra, Dublin 3 Phone: (01)8842418